ID #16099 - 2018 Chana ERA STAR II Pasar Malam 9' Low Mile 400km++ Promotion!!! 2,150kg RM 29,300




ERA STAR II Pasar Malam 9' Low Mile 400km++ Promotion!!!

2,150 kg



Malaysia > Selangor

Box Van



4 x 2



2018 Changan ERA STAR II Pasar Malam 9' Low Mile 400km++ Promotion!!!

Low Mileage 400 km ++ !!!

Established in the 1990s, Eng Kee Auto has been renowned for refurbishing used trucks to high quality standards and reselling them at affordable prices to the mass market.
This lorry has been very well maintained with the engine in its original condition unopened. The gear box and power are good too. Visit our showroom to request for a test drive. We understand our customers’ needs. Here at ENG KEE, we will do a FULL MAJOR SERVICE before delivering the trucks to our customers. This Major service includes changing of Engine Oil, Gear Box Oil, Axle Oil, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter and Greasing of all points. We will also include NEW BELTING as this is very important. Last but not least, we will install NEW BATTERIES in the trucks to prevent any breakdown due to old batteries.
• BDM 2,150 kg
• Engine 1,244 cc
• Enjin Petrol
• Cabin & Body Original Paint !!!
• Gear Box dan Engin bagus condisi !!!
• Good Condisi, very good condition & Tip Top Condition!!!
• Dashboard All Clean & kerusi semua masih original dan cantik!
• Body Pasar Malam original paint luar dalam tersangat cantik!
*Promotion !!!*
• We will do full Major Service include Engine oil, Gearbox oil, Axle oil, Oil filter, Air filter & Fuel filter & Greesing all points.
• We change all New Belting
• We change New Battery
• We will Service AirCond

*Masih Boleh Loan*
Down Payment : RM 9,369
Monthly Installment : RM 641.25 (For 5 Years)
(Based on Term and condition apply)

• Lokasi di Jalan Kapar, Klang, Selangor
• Eng Kee Auto Enterprise Sdn Bhd

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